Welcome to Igloo SA

Igloo is a company that was established since 1978, in a little garage which has expanded to a trusted BBBEE certified business situated in Rana Road, Durban, with future prospects of expansion to Gauteng province and Cape Town.
This is a family business handed down from one generation to another, specialising in refrigeration units such as:
Highback Chillers, Pastry Cabinets [Ambient And Refrigerated], Deli Meat Cases, Baine Maries, Underbars As Well As Coldrooms, Freezer Rooms, Mobile Coldrooms And Extraction Systems.catering equipment.


With humble beginnings we offer a guaranteed trust of quality to our products with no hidden agendas. Over the years our family has expanded, because acquiring an igloo branded product makes you a part of our family and not just a customer.


With the ever changing times, developments and demands, our dedicated and experienced team is committed to delivering products that are suited to your needs.